Message from Our President


President: Masashi Nishio

Our Rental Business was Started by Renting Road Work Machines

In 1965, Nishio Rent All Co., Ltd. started renting road work machines. Since then, in response to customers’ needs, Nishio Rent All has been devoted to enhancing the variety of its rental products including construction equipment and the related machinery and to expanding its service network.
Supplying Rental Products for Various Types of Work

Our rental service is mainly focused on the entire construction industry. Our rented machines are used in a variety of construction sites including new construction of expressway/railway/airport/harbor; construction of high-rise buildings in urban areas; construction of industrial complexes and huge plants; and other large-scale construction sites and repair works. Through these many rental services, we have been accumulating knowledge on the operation of construction machines and knowhow related to the maintenance of such machines.
Development of Our Original Products and Collaboration with Group Companies

Some of our rental products are purchased from construction equipment manufacturers; others, in particular, peripheral construction equipment such as lighting equipment used in nighttime work zones and/or equipment for safety measures, are uniquely developed and manufactured.
Our group companies include tunneling/mining equipment rental companies, motor vehicle manufacturers, and companies engaged in manufacture and maintenance of construction equipment. In collaboration with its group companies, Nishio Rent All is dedicated to offering construction equipment rental services and to satisfy requirements for special work sites.
Operations in the construction machinery sector

In 1992, we incorporated a subsidiary in Malaysia, and then established overseas offices in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and China (NISHIO T & M (HONG KONG) CO., LTD.). Machines are supplied in response to rental needs from Japanese and local construction companies, manufacturing facilities, large plants and so forth.
For further expansion of our overseas business, we have acquired ownership of an Australian company operating the rental business to promote global cooperation with this entity.
Expansion in the events and exhibitions sector

Apart from the construction machinery sector, we operate the rental business in the events and exhibitions sector in Asia.
We focus on expanding the events business abroad by staffing at the subsidiaries incorporated in Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand respectively.
We approach discovery of rental needs from the live events sector in Asia, development of and tie-up with equipment manufacturers, together with exporting our products.
And as part of our new addresses, the exhibition operations business (organizing exhibitions) has been launched in Thailand.
We contribute to society through the rental business

We still contribute to improving social capital and development of industries in each country by expanding our rental business abroad. To that end, we ask for your support.


President: Masashi Nishio
Nishio Rent All Co., Ltd.

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