Event and Exhibition Organizing Business

Rental of Equipment for Exhibitions

Our services in this business include the rentals and setup (installation) of equipment for display systems. Our main rental items are excellent design, aluminum-made system members, in combination with which an exhibition space can be created. As compared to conventional wooden exhibition booths, our rental booth system is easier to assemble, disassemble, and remove from the site. Being free of waste materials makes our system more excellent in environmental aspects.


Rental of Equipment and Materials for Outdoor Events

A variety of large-size tent structures are available. We serve as a turnkey contractor in this business, from layout suggestions to the installation, disassembly, and removal of rented items. Services we offer include a venue setup for sports contests and the rentals and construction of temporary bleachers. In addition, we are dedicated to developing and renting play equipment that is enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


Development of Franchise Chain

To expand the rental business intended for exhibitions and events all over Japan, we operate the business not only at our own offices but also at franchise stores nationwide, renting various devices and equipment such as tents for live events held in each district.


A New Business Spun off from Our Rental Business

In this business field, we have been undertaking the planning, manufacture, and sales of not only materials designed for indoor kids play facilities but also outdoor play equipment.
Although commercial facilities and leisure facilities in Japan are our main customers in this business field, we had an experience of installation of such materials and/or equipment in several Asian countries. Our rental products are being manufactured in collaboration with manufacturers in China and other Asian countries.
In addition, we have a department in charge of sales, rental and installation of sports flooring produced by Connor Sport Court in USA.